Your High School Plan

Sophomore Checklist


  • Schedule and make sure you are taking the right classes to graduate and to get in to college.
  • Take challenging classes.
  • Get involved with extracurricular activities.
  • Go to a college fair in your area. When you go, be prepared with a college fair checklist.
  • Take the PSAT or PLAN. Check with your counselor about registration.


  • Talk to your guidance counselor and teachers about taking SAT Subject Tests.
  • Get extra help if you need it from your teachers, counselor or other students. Take advantage of NYGEAR UP tutoring programs.


  • Start thinking about next year's schedule. Prepare a list of questions about being ready for college to ask your counselor: availability of and enrollment in AP classes; the possibility of taking college-level courses before you graduate from high school and the schedules for PSAT, SAT I and II, PLAN, ACT and AP exams.
  • Think about what you'll do this summer. Consider an internship, job or volunteer position.