Program Services

The Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (cIcu) will provide grade-specific activities and services including:

Facilitating campus visits and regional workshops

During Year 2 - Year 5, cIcu will facilitate campus visits to independent sector campuses by working with the campuses and with NYGEAR UP sites to organize the visit with the goal of helping NYGEAR UP students visit a college campus. cIcu will work with campuses to help organize an estimated 8 half-day campus visits for about 100 students and chaperones/per visit for a total of approximately 650 students in Year 2, 650 in Year 3; 650 in Year 4; 650 in Year 5. The goal is to have the entire cohort experience a campus visit by the end of Year 5. Each NY GEAR UP site will be responsible for securing and paying for travel to the campus.

Regional Institutions' Advisory Group (RIAG)

cIcu will regularly communicate with its 100+ independent colleges and universities’ admissions and financial aid professionals to inform them of the NYGEAR UP cohort and its activities. To assist with the implementation of this proposal’s activities, cIcu will form a network, the Regional Institutions’ Advisory Group (RIAG), to engage representatives from cIcu independent colleges and universities, drawing on campus staffs’ knowledge and expertise. The RIAG will assist cIcu with development of each year’s curriculum, work to create a Pathway to College for NYGEAR UP students, and assist with identifying campuses and organizing campus visits.


Susan Nesbitt Perez, PhD
Vice President, Outreach and Financial Aid
[email protected]