Is a job the same as a career? What’s the difference?

job is the work you do at a company for which you are paid. Getting a job is a one-time event.

  • “I have a job as a cashier”
  • “I have a job as a cook”
  • “I have a job as a janitor”

career means you do the same or similar work over the years. A career can be one job or more. A career helps you improve your skills so you can grow in your job or move to another, related job. A career is a life-long process.

  • “I have worked as a home health aide and a certified nursing assistant. I am studying to be a nurse. My career is in health care.”
  • “I have worked as a hotel bell hop and a desk clerk. I am now working as a hotel manager. My career is in hospitality.”
  • “I worked as an animal caretaker at the local humane society. I also worked as a veterinary assistant at the animal hospital. I’m now studying to be a veterinarian. My career is in animal healthcare.”