I'm Going to College!

Start getting ready for college today. Believe in yourself and tell yourself every day:

  • “I’m going to college!”
  • “I’m intelligent and I’m college material.”
  • “I believe I can be whatever I want to be.”
  • If no one in your family has gone to college before, tell yourself, “It’s good to be first!”
  • “I choose to look forward."
  • “I’m making plans now to be college-ready.”

Remember, college is more than a dream – it’s a plan! Here's how to get started:

Use the check list for your grade level to help you keep on track for high school and college.

Understand your learning style and how you can use it to help you succeed at school.

Know your middle and high school course requirements and plan ahead.

Make new friends and learn new skills by taking part in after-school activities and clubs.