HS Resource Centers

Your high school has many resources to help with issues many teens face today:


Help you with academic issues, give you study tips, and provide extra academic help when you need it


Can help you choose classes for the following academic year, assist with college planning, social and emotional issues (including bullying, harassment, and other social issues), help with family or addictive problems


Help with lockers, cafeteria issues, theft reports, bullying, sexual harassment, or issues with other students

School Resource Officer

Helps with theft reports, bullying issues, family violence issues, sexual harassment, or legal issues

Tutoring Services

Are provided at many high schools. Check with your teacher and counselor for information

Media Center Specialists

Help you find online and library resources for research papers and college information

Computer Labs

Are available at many high schools for students’ use. Ask your teacher or Media Center specialist for information

Career Development Coordinator

Helps with career assessments, finding a part-time job, obtaining working papers, job shadowing, scheduling appointments with military recruiters, internships and apprenticeships

College Counseling Office

Helps with college and financial aid applications, provides high school transcripts to colleges, and other college-related activities