SUNY Buffalo

Academic Supports (Tutoring, SAT Prep)
Location/Dates Description

Lewis J Bennett School of Innovative Technology & Research Lab for Bioinformatics HS
November - December

Academic Support: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Room 325 -4th and 5th period
English Tutoring: 5A, 6th and 8th periods
Room 155
Research Lab: 2nd period
Room 411
US History: 8th period
Room 407
All subject academic support is available during Lunch Periods: 5, 5A, and A
SAT Prep Session: during Lunch

November - December

After school tutoring:
Every Tuesday and Wednesday

Parent Meeting
Location/Dates Description

November 27 

Family Diversity Day – including a workshop on Financial Literacy for Students & Parents

College Presentations in the High School
Location/Dates Description
East Community High School

Keuka College: November 8
University of Buffalo Admission Advisor: November
Lincoln University: November 21

College Tips
Location/Dates Description

East Community HS
November 15

Niagara University

Louis J. Bennett HS
November 14 or 16

Buffalo State

Parent Meeting
Location/Dates Description

Louis J. Bennett HS

College Speaker Series(Counseling): Speaker from Buffalo State
November 2
 Lunch periods 5A and 5

College Speaker Series: Financial Aid
November 7
Mentoring Sessions during Lunch Periods 5,5A, and A Lunch

College Speaker Series: Careers - What career is the right choice for me?
November 9

Mentoring Lunch
November 19
Periods 5, 5A, and A Lunch

MAAX 2019
November 28

College Speaker Series: Financial Aid Part 2
November 30

Math, Science & Technology HS
November 5

Women In Science and Engineering Shadow Day: Our junior girls will spend the day at UB with the Engineering Dept. They will shadow classes with female Engineering Students and have lunch with the Dean of the School of Engineering.


November 15

D’Youville workshop
November 27th