Building Your College Team

A good way to start planning for college is to build a college team – trusted adults who support your college-going ideas and will help you pursue your goal.

Who are the adults in your life that can help?

  • Your parent or guardian, whether or not they went to college
  • Other family members
  • Teachers, coaches, school counselors, or community members like spiritual leaders or neighbors

Most likely, they will be happy to help you on path to college.

It’s natural to feel nervous about talking to adults about your plans for the future. Here’s how to get started:

Plan what to say

  • Write down the two or three most important things you want to say
  • Write a letter. Some people find it easier to put their thoughts into a letter, give it to the adult to read first then, talk about it later.
  • Be direct. Say, “There’s something I’d like to talk to you about. It’s about college.”
  • Ice breakers:
    • Would you be willing to help me figure out what I’m good at and could possibly study at college?
    • For teachers and others who have gone to college:
      “I know you went to college. Would you tell me about that?”
    • For family members who have never gone to college:
      “No one in our family has gone to college, but I’m thinking about it. Would you help me get some information?” 

Choose a good time to talk

  • Plan a time that’s convenient to meet with your adult team members. Choose a time and place when they will be less busy and more able to focus on you.
  • If you are asking a teacher, you may want to stop by before class begins. Or, ask you coach to talk after practice.
  • You may want to ask to set up an appointment for some time in the near future. 

Keep talking about college

  • Meet with your team often.
  • Ask questions about their career or college experiences.
  • Share information about college you have found.
  • Ask them to look at a college website with you.