7th Grade Checklist

Think about what your future might be

  • Use the assessment quiz to learn about yourself
  • Explore different occupations that match your interests
  • Keep your options open


Do your best in class

  • Develop good study habits
  • Understand your learning style
  • Make school-work a daily priority
  • Ask your parent/guardian to help you create a quiet space at home for study
  • Turn in your assignments on time
  • Read, read, read! Read newspapers, magazines, and books outside of your required reading for school


Talk to your school counselor about:

  • Going to college
  • Taking the most challenging courses you can in 8th grade
  • Taking the right courses in high school to prepare you for college


Practice setting and reaching goals

  • Start with small, reachable goals that you can do now. When you have achieved those, work on larger, harder goals. Make your goals SMART:
    • S – Specific
    • M - Meaningful or measurable
    • A – Action-oriented and attainable
    • R – Realistic
    • T – Time-based
  • Here’s an example:
    1. Goal: Improve my grade in reading comprehension on the next test.
    • I will read (Action-oriented)
    • the newspaper (Realistic)
    • three times each week (Measurable)
    • by the end of this month. (Time-based)


Start saving $ for college

  • Start saving for college now, and keep saving a little at a time. The earlier you can start saving, the more money you’ll have when it’s time to go to college
  • Learn how to be smart about spending the money you have. Learn about “need-to-have” and “want-to-have” and understand the difference. Set aside a little money each week or month for college


Challenge and stretch yourself

  • Participate in extracurricular activities, clubs, or sports
  • Volunteer in your community


Build your college team

  • Talk to your parents, guardians, other relatives, and trusted adults about going to college
  • Ask them about their job or careers
  • Hang out with friends who share your dream of college
  • Find inspiration: learn about people who have made it against the odds


Did we say…Read?